Januarys Barbershop is now accepting new customers!

Trusted Barbershop in Montclair

January’s Barbershop is serious about safety precautions regarding Covid-19. Masks are no longer mandatory but staff members can be asked to wear one. A clean and laundered cape is used for every client during services. Stations are disinfected and tools are sanitary. January is a multiple award winning barber in high demand. Please refrain from negotiating pricing but get in touch to discuss how you can get a free haircut!


Januarys Barbershop welcomes everyone.

All backrounds, all ages, all textures, all orientations are welcome in this space. Intolerance will not be tolerated in this shop. (Look up the Paradox of Intolerance by Karl Popper) 

This barbershop acts as a safe space for anyone. All ages, all gender identities, all ethnicities and all backrounds. What is important here is you leave here feeling heard and feeling better than when you walked in. This is an inclusive shop.



Tues: 10-6p Weds: 10-6pThurs: 10-6pFri: 10-6p 

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Hair services

Select service based on how often you get your haircut. New clients book the New Client option.

Weekly Haircut


For those visiting this shop on a consistent and weekly basis. EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY

Biweekly Haircut


For those that come to this shop on a two week or three week basis. EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY New customers please book new customer rate.

Monthly Haircut


I encourage customers that visit this shop on a monthly basis to book this service. EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY

Beard Trim and Haircut


Haircut service and beard trim. 35 minute long service. 

Transformation Haircut 


I encourage clients that have not had a haircut for an extended period of 4 or more months to book this haircut. I need more than 20 minutes for this service and so I must charge for the time.

New Customer Service


An extended service for new customers CHILDREN AND ADULTS to deliver and exceed expectations of the introductory service. New interactions with new people sometimes will take more time so that we get it right.


Contact the shop!

Since 2018, January has been one of the top competing barbers in Montclair. Theres a reason why customers always come back. Things that January values most is CONSISTENCY, TRANSPARENCY, and ACCOUNTABILITY being a barber in the community she grew up iN. Contact the shop today to find out more or to schedule an appointment. New clients have an initial $50 dollar fee to book with January to get a top notch introductory service then going forward can book the lower rate. I also encourage those that can’t afford these services to please contact me regarding a free service. I dont do discounts!

55 North Fullerton Montclair NJ United States 07042

(973) 783-1532

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