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In these times it can be an errand going into a barbershop. State guidelines prohibited operations of personal services for almost 4 months because of how serious this pandemic was. In light of all the changes to human interactions the barbershop and hair salon experience changed. Guidelines were put in place it seemed to keep clients safe, but what about service providers?

Once the announcement was made to open up shops and salons I was glad to open up my calendar for booking. I was so happy seeing familiar names in my calendar but extremely anxious seeing new names and for good reason.

Not working for so long put my business at risk and also put many things into perspective. I was a slave to that chair and I didn’t want to consider myself a necessity ever again. I changed my hours and pricing and only took previous customers and referrals along with few passersby that looked nice and responsible.

I needed to feel just as safe and in control as the clients coming to my shop. I turned many people away because I couldn’t risk putting myself in an unfavorable situation.

I respect differences but I cant handle disrespect in my shop. My work is about the happiness and comfort of those in my chair and I expect the same respect as a service provider. I made the decision to accept new clients as many others have been getting their vaccines and I feel good having had mine. It’s none of my business if anyone has had it or will get it. As long as I’m not told what to do about my business I will not tell you how to run your life. I have boundaries and I treat everyone that walks into my shop with the same courtesy and I don’t have favorites.

I understand how much better it feels after getting a haircut with someone you feel comfortable with. I understand sanitation and cleanliness and I take pride in my service and execution. I accept feedback and I try to keep my mind as open as possible. Thank you for reading.

Best wishes,


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