So good to be back!

I am so grateful to be cutting hair again. It makes me so happy to finally get back to business and doing what I do best. I want everyone to know that I value you all and I am dedicated to providing a safe and sanitary environment for clients. A few things....

-masks required.

-clean hair please.

-review the waiver when making an appointment. -limited persons in shop for time being.

-no hugs right now.

-hand sanitizer is available and masks are available as well.

-be safe and considerate.

I clean stations between appointments and I make sure my tools and combs are cleaned. Please wait to be seated in the barber chair. I know you’re excited so am I!!!! I only service one client at a time being the only barber in the shop to keep foot traffic down. No walk ins and no new clients will be serviced at this time. Contact me directly for more information or to communicate how I can improve the experience that I provide to you as a client.

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