The only all female owned and operated Barbershop in Montclair, New Jersey!

Januarys Barbershop has added a new chair in hopes to increase the ability to serve more clients in this area. January has been by herself for the last year and a half which has been a task in itself.

With online booking it is so easy to set appointments and organize traffic through the barbershop. Booksy has been key in making this happen for those that prefer not to be around too many other people. With a lot of changes to the haircutting role there are a lot of individuals with longer hair making their way into the barber chair and seeking out a barbershop that can fulfill their "no frills" needs when it comes to hair maintenance.

Januarys Barbershop takes pride in serving the community of Montclair and individuals of all orientations. It is so important not just for adults to feel happy with their appearance but also for children. A barbershop is supposed to be a place anyone can walk into and feel at ease and be greeted all in the same.

Clients of the shop always compliment the environment down to the small details. Cleanliness is also a priority having a crew come by once every week to do fine detailing and disinfecting of areas around the shop. It is a must to have a fresh space to get freshened up in. We hope that we can continue to provide excellent customer service and keep everyone looking their best every day of the year....

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